SWIKRITI AGRO PRODUCER CO. LTD. has been formed with producers of different producers group (i.e. ABG/FG/PG/KC/LG/UG/SHG as defined in MOA and AOA) for rendering technical services, consultancy services, training research and development, techniques of mutuality and mutual assistance including thrift and savings among members, insurance of producer’s different produce, welfare measures or facilities for the benefit of members, generation, transmission and distribution of power, revitalization of land and water resources and their use, financing of procurem ent processing, marketing or other activities for primary produce and extending credit facilities or any other financial services to its members. To render all above services to different producers group, the producer company may create fund with the shares of new members, additional shares allotted to members (if any), deposits, debentures from members, loan from any financial organization, grants aids and subsidies from any Government and non Government organizations donation from any individual and organization, funds from any development agencies or any financial institutions as loans or grants or equity capital etc.

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Company Established in Year 2017
Swikriti Agro Producer company established in March 2017 to commenced its operations to help you in agriculture product and processing project.
Company Goal
Our goal is to help every farmer and set up our local strategies and business units in every part of India and give every benefit to the farmer and members of our company by providing loans and services.
Company Background
It already existing in Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh and the farmers help in processing project and Trading products.
Company Working
We research in rural market and develop and creation of employment opportunities in rural areas and town areas by providing loans and assistance to farmers.
Company Future Aims
Our Vision is to provide the underserved households, access to markets through financial intermediation and services to enterprise to creating value for all.
Our Co-operation
Our Co-operation and yours faith help you in the development by information, provision & technology creating employment opportunities in Market.


All kinds of cashew latest model machine unit.

For the economic advancement of a successful research.

Mushroom crop in very short term supply to be used is returned to the capital soon.

Nature offerings is at the farmer’s coast,Beekeeping is ever the path of progress.

Ready to fit – gobar gas

Less investment, more income.

Agriculture & sericulture.

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Mission of Our Company

Swikriti Agro‘s mission is to provide the underserved households, access to markets through financial intermediation, market linkages & advisory services so that the enterprises & value chains that they are engaged in, operate at a higher equilibrium thereby creating value for all the stakeholders in the chain.


Our mission is to use our resources in a proper way and leads a healthy life with organic farming.


We help you financially and technically and provide you the best market to sell your crops at best price.


Our mission is to reduce poverty within a farmers and give them a better life with our support.  


At the heart of Swikriti agro‘s strategy lies the importance of understanding local value chains. Therefore as part of its operating design, Swikriti agro plans to set up local strategic business units for districts it will operate in. For a value chain to work efficiently, all the chain actors need access to finance. But their needs for finance may differ. This unique model of finance by Swikriti Agro can be viewed as a series of tools and mechanisms, yet, most importantly it is an approach that takes a systemic viewpoint, looking at the collective set of actors, processes and markets of a particular value chain as opposed to an individual lender-borrower within the system. The local value chain perspective of Swikriti Agro allows it to analyze the needs for finance of these different actors in the chain, and provide opportunities to fill their needs. Hence the outreach strategy that Swikriti Agro embarks on is:

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Point of High Impacts (PHIs): A physical branch set up at a place that is a Point of High Impact (PHI) for the value chain ably assisted by a set of mobile transaction points to provide extended reach to these PHI‘s. This approach enables Swikriti Agro to transcend the Urban / Rural divide in isolation but gives it a RURBAN  reach.

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Channels of High Impacts (CHIs): A service delivery partner route where a partner organization like Producer companies, co-operative societies, MACS, PACS is a Channel of High Impact (CHIs) acting as a gateway agency between Swikriti Agro and the producers/farmers and facilitate origination of high quality loans.


The Dairy value chain can be defined as the full range of activities required to bring milk or a milk product to final consumers passing through the different phases of production, processing and delivery. It can also be defined as a market-focused collaboration among different stakeholders who produce and market milk and related value-added products.


Anita Pandey

Swikriti Agro has created a benchmark in terms of their projects aimed for the welfare of the farmers. I wish more people look forward to this idea and get associated with Swikriti.

Ankita Sengar

It is a wonderful company! I like the approach and their mission to uplift the farmers of India by allocating the needful resources at the required time.

Dhananjai Sharma

The concept of Swikriti Agro is fabulous. I wish more and more farmers get associated with Swikriti and work for the welfare of our farmers.

Pravin Rana

India is an agrarian economy where the condition of farmers is very poor. This company helps the farmers throughout in all kinds of their operations and financials.

Ashutosh Sharma

Swikriti Agro the only one in its own kind. We hardly find companies working for the welfare of the society. Good luck to the team of Swikriti Agro.

Kapil Bhaskar

Swikriti Agro is the best company I have ever seen in terms of working for the upliftment and development of the farmers as well as the society.


Swikriti Agro is an agro producer established with the aim of help the farmers by understanding their needs and requirements in order to develop their practices.

our Address

S-18, Shalimar Garden, Ext.1,
Sahibabad, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh -201005

our Phones

Phone: 0120-4111155

our hours

Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday Closed

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