Bee keeping is the one of the oldest tradition in India for collecting the honey. We are happy to present the best series of organic production and rearing of Honey Bees and contribute to the world’s leaping efforts to increase a farmer’s profit by decreasing the expenses. Honey bee is becoming popular due to its market demand in national and international market as well. Not only the farmers make a sweet dividends but beekeeping also help to increase agriculture productivity through pollination.

Beekeeping(Nature Offerings)

nature offerings is at the farmer’s coast,Beekeeping is ever the path of progress.


City smart Agrotech Producer Company has brought such a product which can as per the time and circumstances solve every problem of the farming world. We are happy to present the best series of organic production and rearing of Honey Bees and contribute to the world’s leaping efforts to increase a farmer’s profit by decreasing the expenses. Every year the hard earned money is wasted on pesticides, because you try to get good production of crop by saving the crop you have grown with hard efforts but you fail in your efforts.

The opportunity for Honey Bee rearing is good in Gujarat. According to the old method, the bees are collected when they are irritated by smoke in a wet cloth. Honey is extracted later by squeezing the wet cloth. But in this process, the eggs, worms and the young bees die and the honey collected is impure and black in color. If honey is extracted by modern and scientific method, a pure, semi transparent, thin and golden honey can be collected. In the right words, honey extracted without killing the bees can be called non violent honey.

The definition of Honey Bee Rearing:

After learning the habits of the Honey Bee, giving the facilities it needs from time to time, hurting it least and getting the maximum benefit is called Honey Bee Rearing.

Benefits of Honey Bee Rearing:

Honey Bee Rearing gives two types of benefits:

  1. Direct benefit
  2. Indirect benefit

Direct Benefit:

  • Honey Bees: One settlement of Honey Bees gives birth to many more such settlements. You can sell the spare settlements to other Honey Bee farmer.
  • Wax: Honey Bees make their comb from Wax which is produced in their own bodies. This Wax is more precious than artificial wax.
  • Honey: Honey Bees collect honey to be used in difficult times. This honey can be used by mankind as food, air and other purposes.
  • Pollen grains: The pollen grains collected by the Honey Bees can be used by mankind as medicine and energy booster.
  • Royal Jelly: This is used as the food of Queen Honey Bee. It is known for its medicinal and nutritious value and is very costly.
  • Gum: known as Bee Propolis this gum like substance is secreted from the body of a Honey Bee. It is used in different businesses.

Indirect benefits

It is necessary for any kind of farming crop to be pollinated. There is a big contribution of the Honey Bees in pollination. There is a 40% increase in the crops because of this. Honey Bee sits on the flower and sucks the nectar and pollen sticks on its body. When it flies to another flower, the pollen stuck on its body falls on the other flower. This results in successful pollination. This increases the possibilities of germination of seeds and fruits. That is why the areas with more of Honey combs will harvest more forest products, farm products and fruits.

Contribution of Honey Bees in pollination and increase crop production

Honey Bees help in pollination for most of the crops. This increases seed germination. The seeds are bigger and heavier with increased embryo producing energy, fragrance and nutritious qualities in fruits, growth in crops, production of green hay, quantity of honey in flowers, immunity against insecticide and oil contents in oily crops increase. Increased pollination due to Honey Bees production increases. Thus the farmers of Gujarat should turn to Honey Bee farming and not only have additional income but also help increasing crop production.

Benefits of modern technique in Honey Bee farming

Modern technique should be implemented to make Honey Bee farming more beneficial. Special types of boxes are used in modern technique of Honey Bee farming.

  • The frame inside the box can be removed and observed. This helps in maintaining cleanliness, keep availability of food and check on diseases.
  • The boxes can be cleaned from time to time. The comb can be protected against enemy insects, worms of wax insects and ants.
  • The boxes can be taken care of according to the seasons.
  • The eggs of honey bee, worms and diseases of Bees can be observed and cured on time.
  • It can be checked by observation of the box how are the arrangements of Queen Bee? Its egg laying capacity has decreased or not? Comb will be divided or not? Queen chamber is made or not? Are the Bees migrating due to lack of food?
  • For the betterment of a weak Honey Bee family, some frames of the boxes of their family can be exchanged with the frames of strong Honey Bee family.
  • When there is scarcity of food (During winters and egg laying period) the bees can be fed on sugar syrup.
  • When there is a fast reproduction process going on, the efforts to prepare a comb by the Honey Bee can be saved by keeping the wax on some tin frames or on an artificial comb.

Uses of Honey

  • Sty in the eyes can be cured by applying pure honey and as water runs down the eyes they become clean.
  • Use of honey is beneficial to heart, brain and lungs.
  • Obesity lessens by taking pure honey with lime on empty stomach. Thus weight decreases.
  • Pure honey taken with milk increases weight.
  • Honey soothes burning throat.
  • Burnt skin or cuts on the body are relieved by applying honey.
  • It mixes with the blood in the body and boosts blood circulation.
  • It provides more Oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • Life span increases and youth stays longer by regular use of Pure honey.
  • Immunity increases in children by intake of honey mixed in milk.
  • Taking honey melted in water gives vigor and headache is cured as well.
  • Pimples are cured by applying honey on face. The face looks beautiful as the skin becomes smooth and shining.
  • Freshness and energy increase by drinking pure honey.

Precautions to be taken in Honey Bee Rearing:

  • Before starting Honey Bee Rearing, during the year crops which provide pollen grains and honey in plenty should be planted.
  • Avoid totally spraying pesticides on the crops frequently visited by Honey Bees.
  • The boxes used for Honey Bees should be made from good quality wood. Before using these boxes, they should be cleaned with liquid formaldehyde.
  • The Honey Bee boxes should be kept in cool places. Especially under the shade of eucalyptus or other trees.
  • To avoid ants and insects entering the Honey Bee boxes, keep water bowls under the stands holding Honey Bee boxes. Care should be taken that the water in these bowls doesn’t dry up.
  • The place where the Honey Bee boxes are kept should be cleaned daily. These boxes should be checked daily and the necessary cleaning should be done.
  • The place where the Honey Bee boxes are kept should not be changed now and then.
  • When checking the boxes, if any bee is found dead, the reason for this death should be found and rectified.
  • The Queen Bee lives in the lower floor of the box. So a separator net should be used to stop the bee from going to the upper section.
  • Clean water should be provided around the boxes.
  • When there is not sufficient amount of crops which provide pollen grains and honey, the bees should be fed on sugar syrup.
  • Crops which hurdle the wind directly affecting the Bees should be planted around the boxes.
  • One of the wings of the Queen Bee should be cut to avoid it from joining the labor Bees.
  • Arrangements should be made in monsoon to avoid rains hitting the Honey bee boxes directly.
  • During winter the boxes should be covered with gunny bags.
  • The infected Honey Bee box should be separated and steps to control the disease should be taken.
  • If there is epidemic of Paankathiri in the boxes Sulphur powder should be sprinkled.

Approximately Price list


  • Order for less than 10 boxes will not be accepted.
  • Delivery will be done after 20 days of payment.
  • It will be the farmer’s responsibility to grow perennial flowers.
  • One person should be permanently appointed.
  • Guideline for the subsidy will be given on government standard and
  • Documents needed to submit to the government will be provided.
  • Transportation charges will be extra.
  • The Buy- back payment by the company will be on the basis of government M.S.P.
Expense (Rs) First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year
The price of Honey Bee Box1 piece = 10,000(10 pieces) 1,00,000 —- —– —– —-
Machine for extracting Honey 17,800 —- —– —– —-
Bee well 130 —- —– —-
Hive Tools 80 —- —- —- —-
Coned gloves 135 —- —- —- —-
Smoker (S.S)
Annual Salary for the appointed person (3,000 X 12) 36,000 36,000 36,000 36,000 36,000
Other expenses (1250 X 12) Annual 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
Total expenses 1,70,015 51,000 51,000 51,000 51,000
Income First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year
Production of honey 1,000 Kg —- —- —- —- —-
Buy- back price Rs.200/- per Kg (as per government M.S.P) 2,00,000 2,00,000 2,00,000
Net earnings per Year 29,985 1,49,000 1,49,000
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