Alfalfa is also known as lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family. In many countries around the world fabaceae cultivated as an important forage crop the name alfalfa is a origin in North America. Alfalfa seed production requires the presence of pollinators when the fields of alfalfa are in bloom. It is used for grazing, hay, and silage, as well as a green manure and cover crop. . Alfalfa pollination is somewhat problematic, however, because western honey bees, the most commonly used pollinator, are less than ideal for this purpose; the pollen-carrying keel of the alfalfa flower trips and strikes pollinating bees on the head, which helps transfer the pollen to the foraging bee.

City Alfa-A Cattle Food


We are leading manufacturer of Alfalfa Hay (Lucerne) in India since last 3 to 4 years. We always maintain superb quality of Lucerne. It is a very highly Protein and Nutrient feed. Our company City Group is situated in Navsari, Gujarat, India.


  • Lucerne Seeds
  • Green Lucerne
  • Dry Lucarne
  • Alfalfa Power


  • Alfalfa is father of all Animals Foods.
  • Alfalfa is one of the richest vitamins and minerals food known.
  • When Horses are Alfalfa Animals were stronger and faster.
  • Alfalfa plays a vital role in the strength and growth of animals all bones.
  • Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Improves liver functions.
  • Increase energy levels and reduces fatigue
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