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Swikriti Agro Producer are managed to bring about an overall positive impact to securing the communities, cultures, societies and environment. Swikriti Agro Producer is presenting a pleasant way which will help human being to lead the life comfortably.


We provide you every help related to market strategies to reduce the loss.


We provide you agricultural
support information about crops


We provide you best
technologies at your place.


We provide you the ideas of farming for
less investment, more profit

Welcome to Swikriti Agro

Swikriti Agro is an agro producer established with the aim of help the farmers by understanding their needs and requirements in order to develop their practices. Our primary objective is to address major drivers of an economy together with catalytic interventions like Warehousing, Bulk chilling plants etc to make the entrepreneurial and value chain activities operates more efficiently and connected with financial markets.


The Dairy value chain can be defined as the full range of activities required to bring milk or a milk product to final consumers passing through the different phases of production, processing and delivery. It can also be defined as a market-focused collaboration among different stakeholders who produce and market milk and related value-added products.


As we all know that 51% of India’s total workforce is involved in agriculture and its ailed sector such as forestry, fisheries, bee-keeping and many more. So we provide you micro finance to meet your expenses and give services for latest farming methods such as aquaculture likewise salt & sweet water fish and fishery.

We provide the guidance about the farm machinery and new technological strategies of the market as per the requirement of farmers. Swikriti Agro Producer is continuously securing the society, we live in; on the other side, creating all new service method spontaneously. New approaches are being developed in agriculture sector including projects.

The growth potential is immense with view of the changing food consumption habits,which demands better quality and variety. We provide you information about the services for agriculture & instructions according to the need of that particular place by soil testing facility and provide new machinery.

We provide the facility of soil texting according to your state wise and district wise area according to the need of agriculture. As farmers are completely depend on land for their farming. So Swikriti Agro Producer is presenting a pleasant way which will help human being to lead the life comfortably.


Swikriti offer services for sustainable agriculture growth through innovative research and technology. It believes in delivering the better food for better world through outstanding crop solutions, rendering quality seeds and organic manure.

Swikriti provides the best quality of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and farm machinery.
Swikriti provides 24*7 support exclusively to its members
post harvest
Post harvest
Swikriti provides the facility of storages and give information about Minimum Selling Price.
Swikriti provides agricultural advisories, bio-security, guidelines and publicity.
Facts & Insights

Swikriti provides consumers with facts from the farm so they can determine the truth from the fiction is an ongoing mission. It is imperative that both sides of a story are told so consumers are able to make informed decisions about choices in food and farm products. Our information is based on real life experience, food system experts, independent research, partners in education and experts in the field.



Anita Pandey

Swikriti Agro has created a benchmark in terms of their projects aimed for the welfare of the farmers. I wish more people look forward to this idea and get associated with Swikriti.

Ankita Sengar

It is a wonderful company! I like the approach and their mission to uplift the farmers of India by allocating the needful resources at the required time.

Dhananjai Sharma

The concept of Swikriti Agro is fabulous. I wish more and more farmers get associated with Swikriti and work for the welfare of our farmers.

Pravin Rana

India is an agrarian economy where the condition of farmers is very poor. This company helps the farmers throughout in all kinds of their operations and financials.

Ashutosh Sharma

Swikriti Agro the only one in its own kind. We hardly find companies working for the welfare of the society. Good luck to the team of Swikriti Agro.

Kapil Bhaskar

Swikriti Agro is the best company I have ever seen in terms of working for the upliftment and development of the farmers as well as the society.


Swikriti Agro is a diversified entity with turnover in excess of one billion dollars. We have a global presence with 30 manufacturing bases spread over four continents.

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S-18, Shalimar Garden, Ext.1,
Sahibabad, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh -201005

our Phones

Phone: 0120-4111155

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Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday Closed

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