Mushroom farming was started in 200 years earlier. It is popularly growing in every part of the world and become a export oriented business. It is excellent source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, folic acid and also a good source of iron for anemic patients it also help to increase the hearing capacity. In India there are so many states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc during winters but it confined in other states also such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir mainly in hilly areas.

Mushroom farming

The minimum requirements for Oyster mushroom farming.

Similarly, most of the equipment for cultivation of mushrooms is only available at the level of village, As well as cheaper, Any farmer / person if you wanted to cultivate this type of mushroom material The following equipment is required.

  • Grass / thatch ( rice or wheat)
  • Span seeds
  • Phormalina (37%)
  • Bavistin
  • Plastic bags, polythene
  • Odor-wood horse
  • Cutter
  • Spray for tools
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer Machines
  • Peep wept grass / pool
  • The sacking- scabies of tti
  • Sand-bricks
According to District Business Partnership is nominees.
Information about the mushroom business.

Ready-to-Fit – Mushroom Processing Unit

(Full care-management will be provided from the company.)

No. of bags Fixed expenses(Rs) Working capital(ongoing expenses)(Rs) Total project cost(Rs) Fresh mushroom allotted for 1 batch Dry mushroom allotted for 1 batch Net profit per 1 batch after deducting working expenses(Rs)
200 20,500 12,500 33,000 500 kg 50 kg 10,000
300 28,500 18,000 47,500 750 kg 75 kg 15,750
500 39,500 31,000 70,000 1250 kg 125 kg 25,250
1000 55,500 69,500 1,18,500 2500 kg 250 kg 49,000


  • Unit continues to mushroom to visit from the Company will be informed of the date and place.
  • Mushroom crop can take a whole year
  • Mushroom business place selection is very important. Getting completed to that information.
  • Project price will be 10 percent of the company’s fee.( M. S. U. Will be charged with giving.)
  • 1 crore to the mushroom larger unit will be turned on.( With full automation)
  • The entire information is in the form of statistical data, which take note.
  • To view the current unit of mushroom M.O.U is compulsory.

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  • When the raw material give and take in company stock.( According to the raw material price will be Rs.150.).
  • When the company was supplying material (dry mushroom). 450 kg to 500 kg, prices will be admissible.
  • One batch of mushrooms, a time span of 60 days.
  • Given by the company to transportation the raw material will be charged extra.
  • On the eighth day after the delivery order for a company to get raw materials.
Ready to fit – Mushroom Processing Unit (Total care will be provided by the Company)

For 200 Bags (18 X 36 size) Shed of 20 X 30 Feet (600 sq ft)

1 Support (Pole)15 4,000
2 Bamboo 2,000 Fixed expenses
3 Net 5,000
4 Sundry expenses 1,500
5 Hygrometers 1,500
6 Cost of Rack 5,000
7 Big plastic drums 3 1,500
Total fixed expenses 20,500
8 Sown (seeds 50 kg) 7,500
9 P.P bag chemical powder 2,000 Ongoing expense
10 Dry straw (700 kg) 3,000
Total 33,000 Total expense

200 bags (18 X 36 size) Shed of 20 X 50 Feet (1000 sq ft)

1 Support (Pole)21 5,000
2 Bamboo 3,000 Fixed expenses
3 Net 7,500
4 Sundry expenses 2,000
5 Hydrometers 1,500
6 Cost of Rack 7,500
7 Big plastic drums 4 2,000
Total fixed expenses 28,500
8 Sown (seeds 75 kg) 11,000
9 P.P bag chemical powder 3,000 Ongoing expense
10 Dry straw (1200 kg) 5,000
Total 47,500 Total expense

500 bags (18 X 36 size) (1500 sq.ft)

1 Support (PL)-21 7,500
2 Bamboo 4,000 Fixed expenses
3 Net 10,000
4 Sundry expenses 3,000
5 Hydrometers 1,500
6 Cost of Rack 10,000
7 Big plastic drums 5 2,500
Total fixed expenses 39,500
8 Sown (seeds 120 kg) 18,000
9 P.P bag chemical powder 5,000 Ongoing expense
10 Dry straw (1700 kg) 8,000
Total 70,000 Total expense

For 1,000 bags (18 X 36 size) (2000 sq.ft)

1Support (PL)-218,500 2Bamboo5,000Fixed expenses3Net13,0004Sundry expenses5,0005Hydrometers1,5006Cost of Rack18,0007Big plastic drums 84,000Total fixed expenses55,0008Sown (seeds 250 kg)37,500 9P.P bag chemical powder10,000Ongoing expense10Dry straw (3.5 ton)16,000Total1,18,500Total expense

Benefits of Mushroom Farming

  • Mushroom farming can be done within the household, on land or without land in an easy and cheap way. Therefore it becomes the source of income for jobless youth or small borderline framers.
  • As least pests are found in mushroom, minimum quantity of pesticide is used which lessens pollution on land and natural climate.
  • It is less investment and more profit business. It is a cash crop which is less dependent on rains and gives a definite income as compared to indefinite agriculture depending on monsoon.
  • There is a limited need for land, seeds, fertilizer, electricity, water and pesticides. After reaping the mushroom crop, the remaining grass can be used as animal food, a high quality fertilizer or for producing Bio gas.
  • Housewives or jobless children can use their spare time and work from home to support their families by doing mushroom farming. Gujarat’s climatic conditions are suitable for Oyster mushroom farming.
  • It is a short term crop. So the investment returns are within a short period.
  • The company will supply the raw material and accept the ready product. (The rate for raw material will be Rs.150).
  • The returns will be paid on 450kg to 500kg ready product (Dry mushroom). (As per the size of the mushroom)(10 kg of mushroom turn into 1 kg dried mushroom).
  • The time period for one batch of mushroom will be 60 days.
  • Transportation charges will be taken for delivering the raw material by the company.
  • The delivery of the raw material will be given on 8th day after placing the order to the company.
  • The date and place for a visit to the running unit of mushroom farming will be informed by the company.
  • Mushroom crop can be reaped the whole year round.
  • It is important to choose the right place for mushroom farming. Complete information should be collected for this.
  • 10% of the Project Cost will be taken as Company’s fee. (This should be paid with MOU).
  • Big Units of mushrooms up to 1 crore will be given a start.(With full automation)
  • It is to be noted that all the information given above is numeric.
  • It is compulsory to sign an MOU to visit a running unit of mushroom.
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